Our Copy Center

  • A photocopier and our Simple ScanStation are located to the left of the main library doors, as you enter the building. A second photocopier is located in the lower level Youth Services Department.

  • Black and white copies are 10 cents per page, and color copies are $1.

  • With our Simple ScanStation, you can scan documents to a USB drive, email, Google Docs, fax, smartphone or to our printer. (Printing prices are the same as photocopies, above.)

  • Scanning is free.

  • Faxes can be sent for $1 per page, to destinations in North America and to toll-free numbers. No faxes can be received.

  • Please note: we have a self-serve Internet-based fax service, rather than a dedicated fax line. It has occasional problems with transmissions, and notifications of failure may be delayed. Also, no refunds will be given. Fax at your own risk. (During business hours, a nearby reliable faxing option is the Parcels Express at 120th and Pulaski, right next to the Jewel store. They offer a traditional fax machine.)