Looking for a job? Try our teen and adult job-seeker webpages, our library employment page, training databases such as Lynda.com, and printed resources, such as books and a bulletin board with flyers. Contact the Adult Services Information Desk for further information: 708.926.7024.

Bring your library card; check out a game system and play it at the library! (In-house use only.) Contact the Information Desk for additional info: 708.926.7024.

Looking for a new car loan? Find the best rates on our new Auto Finance Resource. Access it within the library walls, or remotely with your Alsip-Merrionette Park Library card. For assistance, please contact the Info Desk at 708.926.7024.  http://www.alsiplibrary.info/research-databases

Lynda has 5,957 courses in Business, Technology, and Creative Skills taught by industry experts. You'll be able to learn new skills online, on your time. Check out this brand new online learning tool by visiting our Research Databases webpage.

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